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Nozawa Dreaming

Restaurants and Cafes in order of appearance:

1. Servus- A bakery that offers delicous pastries and savoury items. I'd recommend the chocolate crossaint and the Curry Puffs (only available at morning tea) located at the top of the Nagasaka Gondola. Side note at the top level of the Nagasaka station there is a great pizza place which is cafeteria style.

2. St Antons- (two locations one in the main street which serves great ice cream the other featured in this video at the base of the mountain near the Hikage Gondola.) They serve Australian style coffee and hot chocolate and also have ski rental.

3. Kappa Sushi- after odering the sushi on a touch screen the sushi is placed on a shikasen and delivered to you each plate is around $1-2AU and very nice. Located in Iiyama (30 minutes drive from Nozawa good to on the way back/there.) They also serve french fries whith chocolate sauce if thats what your'e into.

4. Hamachozushi- we ordered the platter which did not dissapoint this place is cheap as well, and the sushi is very fresh and tasty it's can be quite busy so I'd reccomend arriving early. Just down the hill from st Antons it's quite popular so ask around if you are unsure of where it is.

5. Oki-Nami- available all along the main street, they are hand made dumplings which are great as an afternoon snack to warm you up or could even provide a dinner around $2-4 each. Sweet dumplings are avaliable too.

6. The Sun- offers many items it's cafeteria style but my favourite from there by far is the Katsu curry it's great for big groups and is located in the front valley near St Antons ski rental. Note: in the video the soft serve ice cream, curry and noddles are all from sun.

7.Kaze No Ie- amazing Italian just of the main street oppisite the main onsen on the second level above a pharmacy. I'd recommend the margarita pizza.

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