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Sayonara Nozawa Onsen

In spite of our melancholy at leaving Nozawa Onsen we managed to have a great trip back to Narita Airport. After catching the local shuttle into Iiyama we headed to Kappa Sushi at the recommendation of some Aussies. It's only a short taxi ride from Iiyama station. Seated in booths you can eat from the regular densha (train) or special order from the touch screens and have your sushi express delivered by shinkansen (bullet train). It's, large, inexpensive, novel and definitely worth trying.

Instead of heading into Tokyo Station we got off the shinkansen at Ueno and had a short and interesting immersion in Japanese shopping and market culture. Such a contrast to Nozawa Onsen, it is a hub of great shops and food stalls, with heaps of great and inexpensive little places to eat.

Ameyoko Shopping District Ueno

From there we caught the Keisei Skyliner direct to the airport. It's a separate building to the JR Line, but its right next door and easy to navigate to.

The new Terminal 3 at Narita for us budget travellers is as you'd expect. Luckily we still had time to do the 600 metre walk to Terminal 2 for the essential tax free Uni Qlo shopping. If you haven't shopped there your'e missing out. Even non shoppers (husbands and sons) love it.

Till next time.

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