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Gorgeous Green!

After spending several winters skiing in Nozawa Onsen we finally returned for the much heralded summer or as they call it here The Green Season. It's incredibly beautiful and such an amazing contrast to the white winter

Agriculture has long been an important part of the local culture here. Families are furiously planting, growing and stocking up for the winter. Ski fields are transformed into rice paddy fields & vegetable gardens. Much of the rice and vegetables you eat here are locally grown. Make sure you sample the local pickle -Nozawana, not hard as it seems to be served with everything.

The village is awash with colour this time of the year, every available piece of ground seems to have been planted with flowers or vegetables.

Ski poles uncovered by the melting snow used as garden stakes

Skipoles used as garden stakes.

Apart from walking and hiking, mountain biking is a great summer option . If you want something more sedate, many of the restaurants operate all year round and of course the onsens are always waiting at the end of the day.

Take a stroll up to and through the azalea forest to the tranquil and beautiful community burial grounds. Walk back down the road and you'll end up at the Ski Museum and Hikage Gondola Station.

The beautiful mild weather, great activities and stunning scenery make visiting Nozawa Onsen in summer a truly magical experience.

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